Fans of Vixx hold up blue-colored lights, which are called Starlights, like these in their concerts.
Among all of the male Kpop groups that had been mega-popular within the last few years ’til now, Vixx’s comeback this year was very unfortunately, a not-so-great one, in my opinion.  Their new album was hyped as having a more Asian style flair than they’ve ever had before, with ’em donning flowing robe-like outfits and performimg with folding fans.
The fellas had made one of their comeback performances for their new single called “Shangri La” to be on a water stage.  But even so, the tune still seemed to lack a good measure of groove for me.
Ah, reminisce time.  When the fellas’ use of the folding fans stage prop had been a major score for ’em in their performances in China.

Vixx is known for their covering a variety of genres, such as this swing-like number for their song called “Dynamite”.


Recording the theme song for their Vixx TV channel.


N and Ken and their great vocal talent on a singing competition show is posted in the Going Until The End post.


L to R:  Leo (lead vocalist #1), Ken (lead vocalist #2), Hongbin (sings the low tones), N (the oldest and their leader), Hyuk (has a cool echo-like voice), and Ravi (their rapper)



N babysits a young fan.



And so does Leo.