indian food and a world tour

What have I been craving lately?  Indian food.  There’s this one Indian food to-go place where there’s like 8 kinds of curry you can choose from.  The sis and I had checked it out when we had moved closer to the downtown Santa Monica area before. 
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We had gotten 2 plates with different kinds of curry in each plate.  Aaah, all of it was really delish.  I had no idea yogurt could just be plopped right down on top of curry and rice like that.  It was Indian chow bliss.  And that grocery store had a whole row of shelves full of pickled foods.  Of course, I had gotten me sumthin’ tangy and spicy: the hot pickled limes!  I had always made sure to always have a jar in my refrigerator ever since back then.  This tangy delight is a major yum spicy food lovers.
About a week ago, I had to work overnight.  So I had to go do the most important thing beforehand: go buy me a good amount of overnighter chow.  So off to the nearest Korean grocery store I went. 
First stop, da bread department.  Forget about gluten free foods for now, cuz in this sorta emergency, anykind of gluten-filled overnighter food was a must.  So into my cart they went, one by one.  (My co-workers loved the sweet potato-filled one best.)  Then off to the sushi aisle next…la dee da…

As I was roll-rollin’ my shopping cart along, I suddenly heard it.  Whoa.  Doth my ears deceive me?  Am I really hearin’ it?  I looked up at the store’s top shelves and perked up my ears.  Yup, it certainly wuz what I thought I was hearing.  Right overhead on the store’s speakers was a-playin’ GOT 7’s “Fly” song.

Like other pretty big-sized Korean grocery stores ’round here, this store also plays da Kpop hits.  So right at that moment, as I was in a dilemma as to whether I should get me some spicy chips, rice chips, or sweet chips in that snack aisle, GOT 7’s tune had stopped me in my quizzical (had to look up dat spelling) tracks.  Had I been a good whistler, I woulda whistled along with dat tune, as I wuz happily pushin’ my shopping cart along.  “Fly-aye-aye-yai!”  (And this is where you’ve gotsto fling both your arms out like a big birdie, getcho back slightly bent, and start swooshin’ yoself like an aeroplane!  See, you got it.  Easy dance.)


in Brazil
“Yes, I’d like to buy me one ticket for some Turbulence in Taipei please…”   Teehee.

As detailed in this previous post from the other week, the fellas had a world concert tour, which had started since last year.  As they flew around the world (including the U.S. cities of  Dallas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles), the fellas sang their “Fly” song.  They’ll be having another concert here in Los Angeles on August 18th to the 20th at the downtown Staples Center.


Mark:  Another concert?  No problem.  Let’s go fly, poochie.

“If You Do” in Japan

“Put Your Hands Up” in Seoul

If you may be able to attend one of their concerts in the future (let’s FLY!), you’ll be able to catch their female dance performances.  This one was a swell feminine-like performance – until they had lifted their chairs one-handed, and carried ’em towards the center stage.  Whoa.  Pantyhose power!  The fellas’ miniskirt dance for their concert fans