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Although it’s been more than 5 years since I had watched this television drama series, it still sticks in my memory, that I still always refer to this actress as “Park Gae In”, which was her character’s name, even though she’s in another television drama or film.


Park Gae In is a simple gal who earns a living by trying to make unique furniture pieces from her home to sell.  Her father is a well-known architect who lives in Japan after her mother had passed away.


Whenever Gae In has her very sad moments in life, she pulls out her mini furniture doll house pieces that her Mom had made for her long ago, which always help her to be comforted.

Gae In loves and trusts just about everybody, and especially her friends.  But then, that’s what ends up getting her into trouble sometimes – even into debt.  Which was the case when one of Gae In’s trusted friends had borrowed her saved up money (smouched it from right under her, he did) in order to pay off his financial debts to loan sharks.  With all of her hard-earned savings gone and her furniture-selling business not going too well, Gae In begins to go deep into financial trouble herself.  What is she going to do?

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Prior to the above terrible problem having occurred, one of her best friends was about to get married soon.  But the very odd thing was that, neither she nor her other best friend had ever met their friend’s fiance before.  Who could he be?  How could the 3 of ’em be BFF’s and the other 2 not even ever see the soon-to-be husband ever before in their lives?  But BFF #2 continues to stay silent about her fiance.  Because they’ve always trusted her and loved her, Gae In and her other BFF just stay silent as well, as they look forward to their friend’s special day.

But oh, what a day that day was.  Gae In got herself as dolled up as she could be for her BFF #2’s wedding day ceremony.  She was so looking forward to meeting her friend’s new husband and to attend the joyous occasion as well.  But when she finally gets to there, she sees the most unbelievable thing that’s she’s ever seen in her life.  Large photos of the about-to-wed happy couple were on display everywhere at the event, all the way from the lobby to the ceremony room.  But Gae In can’t believe her eyes, as she looks upon the photos.  The photo was of her BFF #2, but the groom – was her boyfriend who had just broken up with her.


OY!, is right.  If ever there was a whammy of a calamity to ever happen upon a poor ‘ole furniture-makin’ ultra-sweet-hearted and kind soul, it was to Gae In’s.  The scene in which she starts walkin’ out into the street and then crosses the road in a shocked daze over what she had just seen, as all of the cars beep around her for her to get out of their way, is a classic K-drama mega-heartache-makin’ scene.  Oy!, where’s my Kleenex box?

BFF #1 is Gae In’s true-blue friend.  She sticks by her, comforts her, and brings her the best gifts ever (ready-made food).


And is the one who is beside her when Jinho comes onto the scene, right into Gae In’s house.


How it happened ~

Jinho is an big shot-aspiring architect.  He dreams of building something hugely unique someday, in order to build his pretty good-running small business.  He has 2 employees who work for him, one of whom is his good friend.  It’s Gae In’s BFF #1 and Jinho’s employee/friend who make this drama extra worthwhile to watch.  Their hilarious personalities and good friendship to Gae In and Jinho, help to keep the humor in this drama continually rolling.


As Gae In is trying to figure out how in the world she’s going to come up with enough money to make a living and continue to keep her home which her own father had built, she accidentally bumps into Jinho (first on a bus, and then at a motel).  Upon their 2nd accidental meeting, Gae In mistakenly gets the idea that he’s gay because one of his two employees is clinging onto him, and drunkenly tells him how much he loves him.

Jinho had actually been present at the Gae In’s former friend’s wedding, so he had witnessed what had happened.  But even still, he had no reason to think twice about her after that – until he learned that her father was the famous architect who had built the famous home in which she was currently living in.


As soon as Jinho finds out about her trying to look for a rommate to rent the other bedroom in her home, he immediately moves in.  Now, he’s able to have a closer look into the home, as he tries to find out how this specially-made home had been built.  But in order for Gae In to not feel uncomfortable about a man moving into her home, he continues to let her mistakenly believe that he’s gay.


While renting her home and being her roommate, Jinho slowly ends up also becoming her new friend to lean on, as her ex-boyfriend tries to get back with her again (after his wedding to her former BFF did not go through), and confuses her much-hurt heart.  But as Jinho tries to help Gae In with her problems, he too gets into a big problem himself:  he was fallin’ in love with her.  Oy!  And so the drama begins…



My Review

This drama was an A plus plus plus from its start.  It was floor-rolling hilarious many a-times from its beginning, and it sure definitely appeared like it was gonna be a keeper ’til its very last episode.


Other folks will probably tell ya that it was fantabulously good ’til the end.  But for me, I have to stick to my guns, and declare that this drama had crashed and went rolling down the cliff when it had reached about its last 30% of episodes.

This happens much too often in K-dramas.  Right when the lead characters begin to actually stop being in denial that they like each other, they just continue to do that:  like each other.  No more funnies, no more interesting situations.  The scenes are just about the two of ’em romancin’, going on dates, and so forth.  It woulda been swell if the drama had continued to be interesting as their romance bloomed.  But unfortunately, that supposed-to-be bloomin’ romance just seemed to end up being an an empty balloon, until it had popped at the last episode.

So for those of y’all who don’t mind getting a good amount of laughter and and some melodrama tears over a romantic comedy K-drama series – but only for the first half of it, I’d like to suggest this one to ya.  It was definitely an ultra-fun ride at the start of it and until its first half.  But don’t shoot this messenger, cuz I be tellin’ ya at the start off, that’s it’s gonna be a wagon that’s gonna go down the valley when it gets to its second half, otay?  Otay.

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One thing that I did get outta this drama was its earrings fashion.  It was after seeing how cute these colorful round earrings were on Park Gae In, that I myself had gotten me a nice collection of small, round-shaped earrings in different colors also.  Yeee!


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