joseph busks with soul thru Seoul


Joseph Butso had moved to Korea in 2015 and now considers the country to be his home.  If you’re ever in and around the tourist districts around Korea’s major cities, you may see Joseph there.  Because whether it’s rain or shine, he can be found busking for Jesus.  Definition of “busk” – to play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways.  Besides the folks who have come to see Joseph’s familiar face and voice singing praise and worship songs within their city streets, not many other people around the country had ever heard of him before.  That was until the middle of last year, when he had appeared on I Can See Your Voice show.

I Can See Your Voice is a Korean music competition show.  How this one is different from the rest of ’em:  There are 2 opinions for the show’s panels to choose from. Either they’re going to choose that a contestant is #1) gonna be a terribly lousy, non-singer or is #2) gonna be a talented, croonin’ singer, who’s gonna knock ’em off of their feet.

Each of the folks on the celebrity panel makes their decision based on one thing: a contestant’s appearance.  They take a guess as to the contestant’s facial expression, demeanor, and basically, their overall looks.  Can this person (or group) really sing?  So for that reason, the title of this show is called I Can See Your Voice.

One of the singers who chooses to believe that the contest can indeed sing, comes up to sing a duet with that contestant.  So that singer is gonna go with their gut, and hope to goodness that the person who’s standing there next to ’em is gonna sing a lovely melody with ’em.  Sometimes, that singer has hit the jackpot, and their duet partner is a true blue singin’ machine.  But then there are those times when their duet partner is gonna be what they refer to as being “tone deaf” and is gonna make their ears hurt so bad.  Each contestant who comes up onto the stage always gives a straight-faced appearance (a stoic look) the entire time the folks on the panel are discussing about them.  They try to do their best to not give a hint as to whether they can really sing well, or not at all.

Now, lemme share with y’all about the contestant who had made both sides of the panel and everyone in the audience jump off of their seats. That person is the 24-year old Kpop music lover, Joseph Busto from Ohio. He also goes by his Korean name, Choi Yunseop.  Joseph can not only sing in Korean well, but his pronunciation of the language is beyond excellent.

The singer who chose to believe that Joseph Busto can indeed sing and would like to sing a duet with him was John Park.  Although John is Korean, he actually grown up in Illinois.  Have a listen as to what had happened as John and everyone awaits with great expectation to hear Joseph’s voice ~


Joseph busks for Jesus in major city tourist districts.


Joseph also sings a song called “Saldaga”, which means “As You Live” is by a group called SG Wannabe.  What makes this song significant is that one of the group’s former members had committed suicide.  So whenever this song is sung on a music competition stage, there’s always a somberness to the already-sad song because of the memory of one of the members of the song’s singers.

Joseph’s singing “Saldaga”.




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