love in the moonlight


This television drama series is called Love in the Moonlight, or is also titled as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.  With the cast’s filming starting in June, this drama had aired between August and October of last year, and had exceeded the previous percentage of highest-viewed ratings.

The lead actor in this drama is Bogum (pronounced as “bo-goom”), who plays the character of the Crown Prince, and was one of the biggest rising stars of last year.  And by the end of the year, he had beat out all of the other seasoned TV drama actors, to win the Best Male Actor award.

What mighta helped to peak viewers’ interest in checking out this drama prior to its airing, was this short teaser ~

Before the drama had even started, he had also gained a little more publicity when he had made a short visit to the Running Man variety television game show, which is viewed internationally.  Jihyo is the female cast member on the show and a big fan of Bogum.  So when she had called him up to ask him if he wouldn’t mind coming on the show to help her accomplish a particular mission that she had to do on the show, he had showed up just several minutes later, after they had realized that he was on a set not to far from where she was located.


And just like the 3 fellas from the Hwarang drama, he too had shot the ratings through the roof for the 2 Days & 1 Night variety TV show also, when he had come on that show as their guest.Yoojung is this drama’s lead actress and plays the role of a young girl named Ra-on, who disguises herself as a man, in order to give advice to men on dating skills.  Because of a letter that she had written to one of her customers, she later ends up meeting the Prince, who has no idea that she’s female.  Eventually, Ra-on ends up joining part of the royal court, as one of its eunuchs, while continually trying to hide that she’s female.

But hide as she might, her identity gets discovered by Jinyoung, who plays the character of the other man in this love triangle.  There’s a particular line that he has in this drama which has been repeatedly played many a-times in clips about this show.  It’s the line in which he says to Ra-on, “Isn’t it against the rules…for a eunuch to be so pretty?”  From this line, ladies all around have been a-swoonin’.

A clip about the love triangle in this drama ~



Another clip about this drama featuring its OST song “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” ~



After the show had exceeded the highest viewer ratings mark, the cast members made a special fan meeting to thank their fans.






Soon after the drama’s airing on television had completed, the actor/singer Jinyoung was one of the guests on the Hello Counselor talk show, in which he was asked to say that famous line: “Isn’t it against the rules…to be so pretty?” to Youngja, one of the show’s hosts. See how bashful she had gotten here.   (Click on cc for English subtitles.  Forward to 01:54 mins)




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