got 7 returns

Getcho earphones and readin’ glasses on, cuz we’re gonna fly!  To where?  To GOT 7’s new FLY album, yo!  Let’s go!  Roll that beautiful Kpop bean footage!

Last year was when they had held their concerts in the U.S. for the first time, which had been in the cities of Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Like their name, GOT 7 is made up of 7 members. What makes ’em unique and appreciated by fans ’round da world is that 3 of their members are not Korean, but foreigners (any other nationality who are non-Korean are generally referred to as “foreigners” by my K-peeps; or “way-guk-in” in Korean). Them foreigners in dis group be:

1. Jackson, who is Chinese and is from Hong Kong.

2. BamBam, who is from Thailand.

3. Mark, who is Chinese-American and is from Los Angeles.  Mark is the most quiet among the group.  It’s usually only when he’s asked a question directly during their group interviews, that he’ll say sumthin’.  When the fellas had gone to visit his home for the very first time when they had held their concert in Los Angeles, they said it was so big, that they felt like they were in a museum.  Mark and his fans’ easy-to-make quick meals are raved about by his fans and a clip of his helping to cook on the Running Man show is in the next post.

Mark thanks a fan for coming to their fanmeeting.

With more and more Kpop groups forming up with non-Korean members, it became a hot topic in the entertainment news whether Kpop was still supposed to be considered to be “Kpop” if the members aren’t even Korean.  But very interestingly, the fellas of GOT 7 seemed to have been excluded from that controversy, even though the 3 out of 7 of their members are foreigners.  As mentioned in a previous post, with this group’s fan numbers growing ’round the world, they had been closely following behind the fellas of BTS, having reached to #6 in the category for which BTS had won at the Billboards.


Their FLY album was made up into 3 separate mini-albums.  Flight Log:  (1) Departure, (2) Turbulence, and (3) Arrival.  Their most popular song from the mini-albums was “Hard Carry”.  The title has to do with sumthin’ about a friend carrying the hard stuff for their buddy ‘ole pal.  That kinda stuff.  Or this song could probably be defined as like my friend in Hawaii had always liked to say to me, “HBO!  Help a Bruddah Out!”

Yugyeom is the youngest in the group, but is the tallest.


Their most popular song called “Hard Carry” ~

A Mark Flip.

In complete contrast to the “Hard Carry” song is this bright and fun one called “Just Right” (or “Ddak-jo-a” in Korean).  It actually isn’t part of their FLY albums, but was their first hit because the music video for it had been the fastest to reach 10 million views for their record company (it’s now 127 million).  Jackson and Mark are the most athletic in the group and are the ones who do the flips on stage.  For this “Just Right” song, Jackson flips to the side at the start, and Mark is the one who does a flip in the middle.  A clip of the song ~


Whenever a fav Kpop group is silent for several months (not even a year’s time), their fans get antsy.  And so was the case for the fellas of GOT 7.  So when their last mini-album Flight Log: Arrival had gottten released, so many of their fans repeated on their social media about how much this group had been missed.

Yes!  GOT 7 is back!

But it wasn’t just da chicks who had missed ’em.  Boy oh boy, does this group of fellas have some seriously serious fanboys out there.  Mostly, they be fans of Jackson.  (In the “Hard Carry” music video, he lifts up his shirt once.  Wooo, he be makin’ even the straight men swoon.)

Jackson’s fanboys

Jackson has a fit build because prior to his moving to Korea to become a Kpop singer, he had been training for the Olympics in the sport of fencing.  He credits his parents for his love of sports because his father was a professional fencer and his Mom was in gymnastics.  But because his Mom had injured her back and can’t remain in a sitting position for too long, his parents are unable to go visit Jackson in Korea.  So he goes to visit his parents in Hong Kong, as much as their schedule allows him to (’tis a great thing that they have a number of concerts in China).

For the first 2 mini-albums, Jackson was sporting the blonde look.  But for the Flight Log: Arrival album, the stylists had darkened his hair.  He now looks much younger, but many fans have commented that they had preferred his lighter-colored hair tones more.

GOT 7’s successful comeback with “Never Ever”.

One reason why fans love these fellas is because of their tight bond.  Remember when I had mentioned in a previous post about how Jackson and BamBam (known together as “JackBam”) had joined the Korean Army on the military reality television show called Real Men, when the show had their Friends segment, in which 2 friends could join together for the first time?

The fellas are always affectionate with one another.  HBO!

There’s a Korean radio show in which Kpop members have to complete a game within a certain amount of time.  But if they’re not successful at finishing the game in time, then the penalty is for everyone to apply bright red lipstick on their lips and to give a big smoocharoo onto the face of one of their members (the culprit member who had caused ’em to lose the game) in front of the many viewers who are outside of the radio station.  And that culprit for GOT 7 had been poor BamBam.  But the good thing about this group, is that they’re used to smoochin’ each other already.

Jackson’s smooch for BamBam.

Mark’s turn.

The final penalty smoocher.


Their smooth ballad called “If You Do” ~

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