summer k-recap

The Barbarettes sing with the 8th Army Band in Korea.


A happy Summer to y’all!  It’s so sunny hot over here, that I always keep my apartment window blinds closed so that the sunlight heat doesn’t come inside as much.  Wooo!, it’s warm.  I think I’ll change to sumthin’ breezier and lighter-colored to wear before I head out.  But before I go, a post.

Because I don’t have my Mom and sis next to me anymore (one or the other), I’m kinda runnin’ low on K-news beats.  Just yesterday, I was saying to somebody how it was a riot how I seem to only know about the goings-on in the outside world from the magazines at the grocery stores’ check out lines.  But in the case of Kpop or Kdrama stuffs, my news reporters are the Mom and the sis.  My personal K-news peeps.  But don’tcha worry folksies, I’ll be wid ’em again soon, so new K-stuffaroos comin’ ’round da corner to a post near you.  Uh…hopefully, before the Fall season.  Yup.

For years, the fam and I had been dedicated fans of the Immortal Song singing competition show, which airs twice a week (reruns on Wednesdays).  The show’s competitors sing songs from the Golden Oldies and one of the show’s highlights is their backstage discussions on what they each think about each others’ performances.  For myself, I actually prefer seeing the backstage chats rather than the singers’ stage performances, cuz the chats are pretty funny and they often give a nice inside look into a singer’s personality, as they’re sharing their opinions and compliments of other competitors.

But later on, the Immortal Song show was just gettin’…like same ‘ole, same ‘ole. With the female singer, Ali, winning the most times (11) and then with the male singer, Dongha, tie-ing with her by also winning his 11th trophy recently, it seemed like other not-so-well-known singers should be given the opportunity to shine on the show more.  Cuz this show’s stage used to be where formerly popular singers would make their comeback, by having their names and singing abilities to be put out there on the stage again, on a show that has a very high number of viewers.

Although the show is no longer a family fav, we still check it out occasionally.  Cuz these be 5 of the talented artists whom we had come to discover from having regularly watched that show through the years, and are whom I’d like to share about with y’all.


1. The Barbarettes – just like their name sounds, these 3 ladies sing in the style of the ’50s. With their polka-dot outfits and curled-up lovely hairstyles, their first performance on the Immortal Song stage had blown us away.  Here’s the ladies’ cover of “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes.  Even their singing the song live on radio shows is crystal clear.  And their cover of “Mr. Sandman” is pretty fantastic too.




2. So Hyang – although she had lost to Jeong, a male singer whose stage name is “The One” on the I Am A Singer show (a more fierce singing competition show), she certainly deserves to be the front runner on this Immortal Song show, even if she doesn’t have as many trophies as Ali does.  With competitors often winning because they had been randomly picked by the show’s host to be the last one to perform (so are whom the audience often end up giving the most votes to), it’s grand that So Hyang had won by purely giving a spectacular performance with her voice and by recreating the oldies songs into an even better version.  Such as when she had sung this “Arirang Alone” song and “Lean On Me” during the Michael Bolton Special.


3. YDG – when this fella had first appeared on the show, the sis and I went, “Whoa. Check that guy out.”  Not only was his dreadlocks and funky dos a show-stopper, but he just looked interesting.  The sis and I had never laughed so hard over a singer’s performance on this show before.  It was a nice breath of fresh air and the excited audience had certainly loved it too.


4. 100% and Niel – when it comes to young Kpop groups competing on this show, there seems to have been more misses than wins, me thinks.  Maybe it’s cuz the group members are used to singing and dancing to more upbeat songs, rather than to the oldies tunes, which they’ve tried to tweak up a bit to become more modern.  One of those groups which had been successful in their oldies remake is 3 of the members of a male Kpop group called 100% (yup, just like you had guessed, it’s pronounced as “one hundred percent”).  And along with them is Niel, who’s part of another group called Teen Top.  (It’s too bad they had named their group with the word “Teen” in it, considering none of them are teens anymore.  Just like how the popular group Super Junior feel about their own name too.)



4 (2).  Z:EA (pronounced as “zay-a”) – Because this is also a Kpop group, I’ll just stick ’em right in here as also being #4.  Siwan is part of this 8-member group and had sung on the show solo before a coupla times before his other group members came to compete later also.  My Mom and her friends were major fans of his already because he was also acting in popular dramas at the time too.  Although Siwan was missed because he wasn’t part of this performance (maybe because he had been busy in another drama), he had rooted for ’em from backstage.  It was probably the most patriotic performance on the show thus far.  One of the members in this group is Hyungsik, who acts in the Hwarang television drama series posted about here.




5. Jong Seo – One of the oldest Korean bands is Boowhal.  Dongha (who had won 11 times on this show) was actually one of the band’s past lead singers.  And so was Jong Seo also.  What’s appealing about this fella is how he’s one of the nicest competitors on this show, with nothing but sincere compliments for other singers on the show.   And although he’s much older than the others (late 50s, early 60s?), he has a great sense of style (kudos to his stylist!).   And before Ali had surpassed him, he had the highest number of audience votes at one time.



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