going until the end

Like the Singing Battle show, the Going Until The End (or 100 Songs) show also has the similar concept of being a karaoke show.  The way it’s different, though, is that the singers don’t sing as a duet against one another.

How the contest on this show goes:

A singer would start off by choosing a number from 1 to 100.  If the singer chose #50, then the audience member who’s wearing the #50 tag, would then stand up, and begin singing a couple lines of the song’s beginning.  Then the singer would continue on, with the lyrics of the song being shown to him/her on a big screen.

At the start of the competition, half of a song’s lyrics are given to the singer.  But as the contest rounds continue, the lyrics are given to the singer less and less, with the ending part of each song being presented to them all jumbled-up in parts on the screen.  So the singers have to pretty much know the song already, in order to sing it properly all the way to its end (reason for its title, Going Until The End). What I liked most about the show was how the audience were able to be a part of each performance, by singing the start of each song.

Ken (of the Kpop group Vixx) is given the song “Goodbye for Now” to sing.  Click the cc at the bottom of the screen for English lyrics.



N is given the song “To You Once Again”.




Vixx practice their song called “Eternity”.  N and Ken are the 2 fellas who get lifted (a buddy boost) up off the floor.




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