from OSTs, to lipstick, to blue hair, and archery

Unbeknownst to many folks, the singer for the song called “One More Step”, which was the OST theme song for the popular She Was Pretty television drama series was Kihyun, who is the lead singer for the Kpop group, Monsta X.  But even more surprising to folks, is that this was actually his second OST tune.  Who knew a Kpop singer who’s in a group called “Monsta X” could be a ballad singer for romantic comedy drama tunes?  Not many, that’s fo sho.


Because this group’s name doesn’t really flow right outta one’s mouth very smoothly, older Korean folks can’t seem to remember ’em by name too well.  So it wasn’t until Kihyun had appeared on the Singing Battle show (clip below) as one of their Hidden Card singers, that he had become more widely recognized.

His appearance on there was the show’s “biggest surprise Hidden Singer” because he had been summoned to sing a song that was unfamiliar to the competitor he was singing on behalf of, because it was an old fogie song.  So when the team had chosen to use their Hidden Card singer chance (“I’d like to dial a friend” type of chance), the team members and their coach were all anxiously expecting for a someone who was a more senior singer to ’em to come onto the stage.  But instead, it was young Kihyun (who was younger than every single one of ’em) who had appeared, and who is also a Kpop singer, no less.  But surprisingly to all, Kihyun was actually familiar with the old tune and had sung it quite well, considering that he had been waiting to be called for in the backstage room for almost 6 hours.


The most well-known member of this group is Shownu, whom the members refer to as their “Dad” because he’s like a (albeit softie) fatherly figure to ’em.  Half due to his having the biggest build among them, and half due to his being the group’s leader.  The reason he’s most well-known is due to his being on a popular television program called Lipstick Prince, ever since the show’s first season (clip below).  Because of his build, his nickname on there is “the Showminator”.


The member in this group who is quite similar to GOT 7’s BamBam, is Minhyuk.  They both similarly have such slim builds, that just like how Jackson is always carryin’ BamBam around, Shownu is also often liftin’ up Minhyuk around too.

Like BamBam, Minhyuk is also a hairstylists’s dream to test their hair color varieties with.  Cuz even he had gotten that seafoam-ish tone as well.  Instead of the saying, “Once you go platinum, you never go back”.  For these fellas, it’s instead, “Once you go platinum, you’re gonna end up goin’ blue, dude”.  But like good sports, the fellas run wid it.

Minhyuk is not only recognized for his colorful peacock-like hair shades, but also for his skill in archery.  Every year, Kpop members (both male and female) have a variety sports game competition among each other.  The latest group to win in the sport of archery was Monsta X, who had also broken the record to have the highest number of final points among past groups’ wins.  Of his 3 attempts at shooting his arrows, he had hit the target right in the middle, to score 10 points for his team all 3 times.  Monsta X marks da spot!

The fellas of Monsta X and GOT 7 are actually very good friends, which is not always the case among Kpop groups because of the pressure to compete in winning on the music charts.

Mark of GOT 7 gives his buddy Shownu a lift up.  HBO!  (Help a Bruddah Out)


Monsta X’s most popular song “Hero”.  Minhyuk is with the blonde hair, Shownu with the lightest blue jeans, and Kihyun is the shortest among ’em, with the torn jeans.


The Showminator applies makeup on the Lipstick Prince television program, in which male Kpop singers apply makeup (including false lashes, hair, and nail polish) to the day’s princesses.  It’s really sumthin’ to see how far these fellas have come.  Cuz in the first season, they were so incredibly nervous, that their hands always shook so much as they applied the makeup.  But look at ’em now, these boys be pro makeup artists fo reals.  Yeah!  Click on cc for English subtitles.


Kihyun comes onto the stage as “the biggest surprise Hidden Card singer” on the Singing Battle show.  Click on cc for English subtitles.




2 thoughts on “from OSTs, to lipstick, to blue hair, and archery

  1. ooh well, I thought I was the only one complaining that your site was not around. But well here we are now. lovely post, had a good read and the boys are too cute, “am past that age – let’s keep a secret.” haha

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