scarlet heart ryeo


Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo had begun filming in January of last year and had aired on television from August to November.  It is 22 episodes in length.

Over Da Moon About Them Moons

My Aunt who was visiting us from Korea last year, hardly ever watches television back home because she was always busy working on her farm from the early morn’, with planting and harvesting her fruits (apples, pears, dates, persimmons, and grapes) and storing homemade dishes and sauces (she made her own soy sauce and soybean pastes/miso).  So I’m not sure if it was cuz she rarely watched television and was finally being able to relax in front of one while she was in our home, but she was certainly nuts over that Love in the Moonlight drama.  She was for reals over da moon over it.  Whenever its theme song would play on the television screen, which indicated that another one of its episodes was about to start (or maybe just a clip from the previous week’s episode was gonna play) she would always get all giddy with excitement from the show’s theme song a-playin’.

Although my Mom was also following that show as often as she could (whenever they’d both be sitting in front of the TV while cleaning out veggies that they had harvested from outside of our house), I think my Mom had enjoyed watching this Scarlet Heart Ryeo drama more.  Cuz she didn’t seem to get all giddy with glee over Love in the Moonlight as much as my Aunt did, and she had said to me a coupla times about Scarlet Heart, “This show’s got all of the good-looking men in it.”



Its Story

A 25-year old gal is livin’ her simple life in modern day today. Then all of a sudden, there’s a big ‘ole whopper of a solar eclipse in da sky (watch out for them wolves and vampires, chickie!) and she thinks she’s about to drown in the water that she’s fallen into. But instead of being dead, she finds herself having been transported way, way back in time, hundreds of years later into the Wang Dynasty age.

She’s now known as Haesoo and is trying to figure out where in da world she is, and why she’s having to be concerned about a royal family that has a buncha sons who are princes, and are all vying for the throne. (Mo’ princes in dis one, yo.) It’s da 8th prince who’s the charmer of them all, and whom she falls in love with. And who’s the other man in this story’s love triangle? That be Mister Prince #4. He be the one who’s always donning a mask in order to conceal a scar that he’s got on that side of his face (good thing this drama was shot during da winter, so that mask wouldn’t be so itchy, like it might in da summertime, no?).

Da Show’s Cast

The actress who plays the role of Haesoo, da chick who’s lost in transportation via solar eclipse, is IU (pronounced just like the letters “eye-yoo”).


The actor who plays her first love at the tranported parked station (aka: da Wang Dynasty Royal Palace) and plays the role of Prince #8 is the actor Haneul (pronounced as “ha-nool”, which means heaven or sky; is both a Korean male or female name).


The actor who falls in love with her, but is in denial dat’s da case is Prince #4, played by the actor Joongki (pronounced as “joon-kee”).  One of my cousins had named his son after this actor.


A clip about this drama, featuring its OST song “Say Yes” (click cc for lyrics in English).




“For You”






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