the new faces for It’S SKIN skincare


Before, the spokesmodels for a cosmetic skincare brand called It’S SKIN used to be the guys of 2PM (mentioned in this previous post).  But since April of this year, the fellas of GOT 7 had become the new faces of the skincare line.


I had read a comment once, where someone had said that they had never appreciated their hairstylist so much, until they had seen Kpop members’ appearances.  At the start of the group’s debut, Jackson had his naturally dark hair styled up, or was just wearin’ a baseball cap.


Then for their next album’s look, the group’s stylists had given to him platinum blonde hair.  With their “Just Right” music video having been their first major hit (with now 127 million views) and is in which he had his blonde hair in, fans had gotten so used to seeing him having lighter-colored hair (shown in last clip of this post).



So when he was made to have dark-colored hair again (a nice deep brown), the topic of his hair had become a popular social media discussion between those who dug it, and those who wished he’d be given lighter-colored hair again.

Drinkin’ my fav coffee joint, Dunkin’ Donuts.  Me thinks they have the strongest coffee of all the fast food drive-thrus that I’ve tried.


Well, at least for Jackson, the question regarding his hair is whether it should be light or dark.  But in the case for BamBam, the discussion over his hair is more about: “What color do you think his hair is gonna be this week?” or “…for this award show?”  BamBam is one Kpop singer who’s like a chameleon.  So far, with the exception of the color green, it appears the group’s hairstylists have covered the entire rainbow, as they’ve colored and re-colored his hair over and over again.

Now this tone, I have yet to try.


And among the group’s members, he’s the best example of the power of hair and makeup.  Cuz if he’s given a more natural do and much less makeup, BamBam just looks like his everyday young self.

Little BamBam in their “Just Right” music video.  Fling em froot loops, yo!


But slam on some powerful gel, hairspray, hair color, and mo’ eye shadow on him, then voila!  It’s fierce BamBam time.  There’s even a fella who gives a demonstrations on how to recreate BamBam’s makeup look, which he had for their “Never Ever” music video.



BamBam (with platinum-colored hair now) and Yugyeom do the intro dance for their “Hard Carry” song at the Seoul Music Awards.  (Yugyeom is the youngest, but the tallest and best dancer in the group).



During the Winter season in certain city and countrysides ’round Korea, volunteers help out in order to deliver heavy coals to warm homes with, because these are homes that are located in areas where coal delivery trucks can’t access because of the roads being too narrow, winding, or too steep for them to enter.  So the fellas of GOT 7 had all come out to help carry the coals (200 stacked coals per home) to the elderly folks’ homes during a very cold and windy Winter day.  One of the grandmothers who had received their donated coals to warm her home for the Winter season had prepared a big meal that was enough for all of the volunteers to squash in and enjoy her home-cooked together.  Afterwards, with black coal-smeared and makeup-free face, Jackson did his beatbox while BamBam rapped in Thai.


Jackson shows the hosts of a radio television show how there are certain dances that their group’s recording company’s CEO requires for every newly aspiring Kpop singer to know how to do, if they even want to be considered to debut as a member of a group. Jackson gives a demonstration of those dance steps ~


As mentioned earlier, Jackson used to train for the Olympics in the sport of fencing prior to his becoming a Kpop singer, instead. Although it’s been years since Jackson had worn his fencing outfit and had picked up his sword, he was given the opportunity to have a duel against a Korean fencing gold medalist. But to the surprise of the professional athlete and to the other GOT 7 members, Jackson still had it in him to be a successful fencer (although a very embarrassed and nervous one now). He later actually was part of a Chinese television program which had to do with fencing. Click on the cc on bottom of screen for English subtitles.


And finally, the time when Mark was invited to be on a cooking show with HaHa on the Running Man show. Because HaHa was determined to win (against the other Running Man members’ ideas) with his cooking show, he decided to make it a sexy one. So his idea was to flash as much of Mark as he could, in order to get more viewership. Although he had kept trying to lift up his shirt, Mark was of course surprised, but just kept trying to pull his shirt back down. Then when HaHa had finally explained to Mark why he was continually trying to flash him for the cameras, Mark was all on board with helping him out, and had given to him the idea of taking off their shirts while cooking. So here we have it, “Sexy Cooking with Mark and Jinyoung” (who joined ’em later) on Running Man ~







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