the most surprising reveal on masked singer


In a television show in which competitors wear masks as they sing, it’s a wonder no one had ever tried it on the show before Sunyoul did.  He had pretended to be a female singer as he sang on The King of Mask Singer show.  Sunyoul is a lead vocalist in a boy band called UP10TION (pronounced as “up-ten-tion”).  Not only did he fool the celebrity panel into thinking that he was a woman behind his mask and costume, but they had even thought that he was an older woman, with one of them guessing that he was in his 40’s at least.

Sunyoul in his “Most Beauty Uhwudong” costume, singing a very feminine song called “Tears”.  Among all of the masks and costumes on this show that I’ve seen thus far, I believe his had been the most beautiful one.  So his character’s title was perfectly fitting for his costume.  This “Tears” song with lyrics in English is here.  Wow, it’s absolutely sumthin’ how he can hit this song’s many high notes.




The panel in disbelief when he removes his mask to reveal his identity.  Even the host of the show had gotten confused too, and had accidentally said that Sunyoul was part of a “girl group called UP10TION”.




Sunyoul goes backstage, where everyone’s asking him why he looks so pretty.  When the contestant in the fly suit was asked if he knew that Sunyoul was a male, he shook his head no.  Then the cameraman asks the fly contestant, “Didn’t you say that you thought he was pretty?”  As Sunyoul gives his closing interview, he shares about how it was actually more for him to try to sing and act like he was a woman behind his mask than he had thought it would be.






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