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About a year and a half ago, one of the most popular Korean dramas that was airing on television was the one called She Was Pretty.  It had been so popular, that when its network had decided to air a baseball game in place of just one of its episodes, the network had gotten the most number of complaint phone calls it had ever had.

One of the things that had made this drama so appealing to viewers was how the lead actress had gone all out in trying to make herself be as frumpy, nerdy, and non-pretty-like as possible for her character.  Even Siwon, who is considered to be the most good-looking member of the Kpop group Super Junior, had given his weirdest, funkiest, and nuttiest performance in the drama also. (He’s the one who sings worship songs in their world tour concerts, which is in the previous post.)






The She Was Pretty Story

Sungjoon was a nerdy and chubby young kid who didn’t have no friends.  Then came a very pretty girl to his school, by the name of Hyejin.  To Sungjoon’s big surprise, Hyejin became his new and only bestest friend ever, who was always there to comfort him.  But then, their wonderful friendship had to come to an end because Sungjoon’s family have moved to the U.S.


Then about 15 years later, Sungjoon returns back to Korea.  But instead of being the nerdy and chubby kid that he was when he was young, he is now a tall, handsome/smashing, and successful dude who’s gonna rock any chick’s world.

But poor Hyejin is no longer the very pretty and popular gal that she was when she was young.  Now, she was a frump, a big mess, and on top of all ‘o dat, she was unemployed, and lookin’ for a job.  So when she had heard that Sungjoon was coming back to Korea, she couldn’t get herself to meet with him because of how they both looked and were so different.  Siwon plays the character of Hyejin’s co-worker and best friend.

It’s later when Hyejin is able to land an internship job at a fashion magazine, that she ends up having to speak to Sungjoon and began to run the risk of being found out that she was his childhood friend, because he’s the magazine’s editor.  And so the former best friends’ clashin’ calamity of a romance begins.


If the lead actor (Sungjoon, the magazine editor) may look kinda familiar to ya, dat’s cuz he was later in the Hwarang: The Beginning drama, which I had shared with y’all about a coupla months ago.  Remember him?  Well, ya kinda have to imagine him with the big ‘ole messy and thick wig that he had on in that drama, though.

As if having an acting career wasn’t fantabulous enough, this fella even sings great too.  One who may have a good chance of winning, should he ever decide to compete on The King of Mask Singer show, me thinks. A clip of his singing an OST for the Hwarang drama is in that post.


A clip about the She Was Pretty drama series, featuring its OST song “One More Step”, which is sung by Kihyun of Monsta X.



She Was Pretty clip #2.




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