the melon vs the peach


When I had first moved back here to LA, someone had asked me which Korean television drama I was currently watching because she wanted to check out a good one to see.  I told her that I really don’t watch any K-dramas anymore, but instead, like to watch singing competition shows with my fam.  She was intrigued to hear that because she had actually never watched any before, even when she had lived in Korea years ago, and had not realized that there were now quite a number of ’em airing on television.

In my last post to y’all, I had mentioned about how the Immortal Song show used to be my fam’s fav for years.  But as it seemed to be pretty predictable who would end up winning at the end of the show, two singing competition television shows had taken over to become our new fam favs.  One of ’em is on the MBC network channel and is one which y’all have heard me mention about many times before, The King of Mask Singer.

Because the singers hide their identities behind their masks, gloves, and costumes, their win is better judged on their actual singing ability, rather than on their public popularity.  As a recap for those of y’all who are not familiar with this show, the way it goes is:

1. A pair come on stage to sing a duet together.

2. The celebrity panel try to guess their identities as they sing and give their guesses after the duet have finished singing.

3. Sometimes the singers try to give hints as to their identities by doing a magic trick, making animal sounds or voice imitations of celebrities, or by doing a short dance number for the audience to have a guess as to who they are (but more than often, they’re left even more clueless as to who the singers are).

4. The audience and the celebrity panel press their buzzers to place their votes. Whichever of the 2 singers has the lower number of votes is of course, the loser, but goes to sing again next.

5. Because it’s then, that the loser will sing their supposed-to-be 2nd round song and will remove his/her mask in the middle of the song, in order to reveal his/her identity to the audience.  And that’s the big highlight of the show, when the singer slowly turns around to show everyone who they are, as everyone shockingly goes “Oooh!” and “Aaaah!” over ’em.


In the past, the show seemed to just put 2 singers together for the 1st duet round. But lately, the producers have seemed to have such a good ear, that they’ve been putting 2 singers against each other who have very, very similar voices or singing styles.  Like one’s not so much better than the other, that there’s gonna be a big gap between the number of votes given to the 2 singers on that first round (like just 20 for one singer and 80 for the other; so pitiful when that happens).

What I myself love about this show: I’ve successfully guessed the identity of a singer at least 5 times so far.  For me, that’s a major yippee.  But for my wallet, it’s a non-yippee.  Because unfortunately, I always forgot to bet any dough before hollering out to my fam whom I think the singer is, that I haven’t won no dough whatsoever to line my pockets with after having made those successful guesses.  But the next time I go back home, I’m determined to place my bet beforehand.  But because I usually don’t got no dough on-hand to start off with, I always end up betting low.  Like not even a buck.  Usually, just a whole quarter.

Unlike the sis, who’s a big better.  Even though she’s lost many a-times in bets against me, she keeps placing big amount bets.  So far, she owes me $205 buckaroos.  Yes, I have been mentally noting that number and remembering to add to the last amount, everytime she loses a bet to me again.  Cuz the next time that I happen to be tagging along with her to an ATM machine, I’m a-gonna state that due balance and hold out my hand to her while flashin’ to her my million dollar smile.  Yup.

Otay, back to the masked singers.  About every coupla weeks, I check up on what I’ve missed from that show, and then get myself all sappy cuz of how much I wished I had my fam next to me, so that we could holler out to each other whom we thought would be the winner in each round.

In the past, the masks and costumes used to be of animals.  Then it was animation characters, from Aladdin to princesses.  Now, it seems the show has moved on to making their singers be food.  Cuz the last winner was a hamburger and here’s the 2 recent duet competitors: a Melon vs a Peach.  After the show’s producers have covered all food groups, what could be next? Imagine if the singers came out as whole meals.  Like “Steak and Potatoes” vs “Grilled Chicken Salad”!  What a riot that’d be, no?

So let’s start off the clips with the recent duet of the Melon vs the Peach!  And what an excellent song choice for this couple: “Cocktail Love”.


Remember those seemingly useless hints that the competitors would give for the audience to guess who they are? Well, knowing that Sandara Park would be a part of the celebrity panel that week, the Peach decided to imitate her “Long Leg Dance”.  (Sandara is a singer who had grown up in the Philippines, so is fluent in speaking Tagalog.)  Because the host of the show actually knows who the singers are behind their masks, he knew that the Melon is one who can dance.  So he had asked the Melon if he’d like to try his hand at the “Long Leg Dance” also.  Just by having observed the Peach’s dance number, the Melon had imitated that “Long Leg Dance” pretty well.  But even so, I still think it’s uncanny how Danny (the fella in the striped shirt in the celebrity panel) had said that he had become certain of his guess that the Melon was Junho of 2PM, after having seen him do that leg dance.  Whoa.  What an eye.  Well, it looks like I’m gonna be needin’ to lessen my bets to nickles, instead of quarters the next time I watch this show together with the fam.


See when the Peach reveals her identity here.  To the surprise of the audience, she’s none other than a famous comedian on the Gag Concert show.  My Mom would often remind me of how this comedian is a very intelligent woman because she used to be a very good school teacher. What an animated school teacher she musta been. And one who can sing so well too!  Go peach, go peach…

Here’s when Junho had removed his mask.   He recently acted in a television drama series called The Good Manager.  And had impressed Chinese fans with his great pronunciation of the Chinese language as he sang “Undefeated” (or Bubai) with Vanness Wu.

When he had joined a group to volunteer in building water pumps in Ethiopia for the charitable organization World Vision.


Junho with the guys of 2PM sing “Again and Again” in concert.




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