henry and his #1 Mom fan

Back when Henry had first started in the Kpop world, he was part of the famous group, Super Junior.  He was actually a member of that group’s sub-unit, called Super Junior M.  The M stood for Mandarin Chinese pop music, or Mpop.  So this sub-unit of Super Junior were the ones who sang their songs in Chinese.

Although Henry sings in Chinese and in Korean, he’s actually Canadian.  Chinese-Canadian to be exact.  So he’s fluent in speaking English, Chinese, and Korean, and can play the piano and violin well.

Henry joins the K-Army

But it wasn’t until he had made his own solo album, that he had made it big in the K-entertainment world. What had made him become even more famous throughout Asia, was when he had joined other male celebrities (like Sam who’s from Australia) on a reality show called Real Men, which is a television show that gives an inside look on how the Korean military get trained.  It’s a helpful tool for family members of enlisted servicemen to see, due to every male in Korea being required to train for about 2 years in their life before they turn 35 years old.

Sure, there were other singers and actors who had become more recognized by being a part of that show like he did. But what had made Henry stand out among the others, was due to how comical he was, without his actually trying to be.  With his innocent and ignorant ways, he was just plain funny.  So his reactions to whatever was going on around him during his training, and the crazy things he’d say, would make viewers continually crack up in laughter as they watched him on the weekend.  And so, that was how Henry had become more well-known, that he had won the Variety Rookie Award for that show’s network.

“Neck Slice!”

One of the humorous things that he did on Real Men was during their Taekwondo training.  Normally, the men are supposed to holler out something like, “At! At!” as they did their kicking and punching-into-the-air moves.  But there was Henry hollering out things like, “Boom!” and “Neck Slice!” whenever he did his punches and arm-chopping moves.  And even though he was corrected to yell out, “At!”, instead, because his pronunciation, he was yelling out, “Hot! Hot!”

Henry’s #1 Mom Fan

Although it’s been over a couple of years since I had seen that episode of the Hello Counselor show, I still remember it well.  Among the folks who had come on the show to share about their particular troubling issues, one of them was a teenager who was asking for help in regards to her Mom: her Mom was addicted to Henry.  Every morning, her Mom would wake up and talk to her pictures of Henry.  Then she’d sing and dance to Henry’s songs, and would just adore Henry every moment of everyday.  So her daughter was on the show to ask for help in trying to get her Mom to come back to her senses, and to stop being so obsessed with the young dude already.

[Prior to this particular episode, Henry himself had actually been on the show. As one of the celebrity guests on the show, he had shared about an unusual aspect that he had on his face: his nostrils are heart-shaped.  So when he tilts his head back, one can see that his nostrils are uniquely shaped like 2 hearts.]

Going back to the teen and her Mom.  Her Mom excitedly tells the show’s hosts about how she had seen that previous episode of the show when Henry had shown his unique nostrils.  She was now so in love with his nose that she wished to goodness that he’d one day shoot hearts at her with his nose (er, sumthin’ like that).  Well, the show’s hosts then pulled a small prank on her by asking her to holler out his name, “Henry!” for ’em.  With crazy excitement, she yells out his name, hoping that he’s going to appear on the stage.  But to her dismay, the show’s hosts had only put up a picture of him on their screen and explained to her that because of his busy schedule, he wasn’t able to come in person to the show.

They asked her to still take a look at his photo on the screen and to show ’em how she talks to the pictures that she has of him at home every morning.  So she does and starts saying stuff like, “Henry, are you awake?” and so on.  Then to everyone in the audience’s surprise, Henry creeps up behind her, and waits for her to turn around.  Ah!, that moment was classic!  Even the show’s 3 hosts went all ballistic too, as the Mom screamed like crazy when she had turned around to see that Henry did come and was sitting right next to her.  Aaaaah!


Henry plays his violin to “Smooth Criminal”.



Just last month, Henry had surprised the audience of The King of Mask Singer show, when he had removed his Michael Jackson mask to reveal his identity.   The fella with the tanned skin and with shades on in the celebrity panel had actually guessed his identity correctly.  Not sure if it’s because of the way Henry had sung this song, or if it’s because of the particular blue color hue of his outfit, but his performance seemed to have an ’80s feel to it.  Looks like there may be more #1 Mom Fans for him in this crowd, especially with his having chosen to sing a famously chick-swooming song called “Because You’re My Woman”.




See when Henry surprises his #1 Mom fan in this clip.  (forward to 18:55 minutes)




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