spring k-update with hwarang


Okeedokes, now where should I start?  How about with Hwarang? Hwa-what?  It’s pronounced like it’s spelled, like “hu-a-rang”.  This television drama had come out last year. And because of it’s cast, it was much, much, biggie anticipated for several months prior to its airing in December. It was like December just couldn’t come around the bend fast enough.

As with all Korean television dramas, this one of course, had a love triangle. The beautiful chick in the middle of it all was the actress, Hara, who is especially recognized for her naturally having brown-colored eyes. Ooh-la-la! I like how she’s got a very playful spirit, is ultra-friendly, and very tomboyish too. So here she is being in the middle of 2 fellas who are tryin’ to woo her with their charms.

One is supposed to have gone from poor-to-middle class. And the other had gone from rich-to-stayed-rich (cuz he was da king, ya see). The former character was played by the actor, Seojoon, who also stars in my She Was Pretty drama post.

The actual title of this drama is Hwarang: The Beginning. The beginning of what, you ask?  Dunno.  So to find out, you’ve gotta watch da drama, yo! Fortunately for you, I be writin’ about it right here and am a-gonna share widcha a clip from the drama, featuring its OST song called “Dream”. Aaah… Already feelin’ swept off yo feet, no? Good. But don’t get too comfy, cuz any drama is betta with mo’ coffee. So go getchoself another cup before clickin’ da Play button. Otay? Fabulous.



Hyungsik, who plays the prince



A clip about the drama, featuring its OST song “Dream”.


Hyungsik and Seojoon


As if having just an acting talent wasn’t enough already, he also sings too.  Seojoon singing the drama’s OST song “Our Tears”.  Now, this fella would have quite a good chance of winnin’, should he ever decide to compete on The King of Mask Singer show.



There’s a particular variety television show called 2 Days & 1 Night, in which the middle-aged male cast members play different kinds of games, while visiting city and country sites all around Korea, in order to be a kind of travel show for viewers.  It was when 3 of the guys from this Hwarang drama had come to be guests on the show, that its ratings had shot through the roof.  On to the next galaxy even.  Buy why’d that happen?  Was it their good looks?  Perhaps.  Was it because they had to play jump rope?  Possibly.  Or was it cuz they had to take off their shirts while jump-roping?  Me thinks you’ve hit da jackpot.

How it happened:

The 3 fellas came on the show as guests and the group was given a long list of games to choose from to play. They picked the one that involved jump-roping. Two guys volunteered to do the rope-turning and the other 6 had to jump inside of it. One by one, the 6 fellas got the hang of jumping into the long rope.

Starting from the guy in the front end, each had to take off a piece of clothing, and then turn around, while jump-roping. (So it was an advantage to the fellas who came on the show already wearing layered clothes.) Then the guy behind him does the same thing, until the last guy on the other end finally does the same, and turns himself around too. But before they could ever reach to the last guy, they’d always mess up by someone accidentally tripping on the rope. And by the end of the game, it was one of the rope-turners who was losing all of his energy, and couldn’t turn that big, long rope no mo’.

The jump-roping clip.





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