fire and spring


I try to stay in touch with the big, big world outside of my little apartment by keeping up with the news.  I had stopped reading from those large U.S. news websites cuz the videos that would automatically play were driving crazy.  So I instead, like to keep up with the news back home by reading The Guam Daily Post.  For the news of my K-peeps, I check out 3 different news sites, with The Korea Times being one of ’em.  So it was there that I had first read about it.  And oy, it had made me sad.

It was the news about how there were so many, many folks who had become racist all over Twitter after BTS had won the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas this year.  BTS is a 7-member male Kpop boy band and their initials stands for Bangtan Boys.  They had won the award with the support of their fans (who call themselves as the “Army”) who had shared the hashtag #BTSBBMAS over 300 milion times on Twitter. Yowzers, that’s a lotta shares.



But apparently, there are folks in the world who have no idea who BTS are and what Kpop music is either.  Cuz it was those folks who had taken to their social media with outrage that BTS had beaten out the other nominees, like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, whom they musta thought were way better.  And although the BTS fellas had made their award acceptance speech in English, some of the shocking racist remarks on Twitter were:

“Who are these Asians!?”

“[I don’t even know] who those Asians were. I don’t wanna know. I’m baffled,” she wrote. “I didn’t understand what they said. Award shows are so trash now.”

“Not trying to be racist, but you don’t see any American singer or band participating in a Korean award show so, like, BTS please just go back to Korea.”

Wow.  Now, here I am thinkin’ I’m probably one who is livin’ in a sorta bubble cuz I’m cooped up in my little simple world in my little simple apartment that has very few furniture.  (I only own 1 chair.  No wait, I have two.  Almost forgot about that one behind that door.)  But here are all these folks who appear to be livin’ in a way bigger bubble than mine.  There’s really still folks around who are gonna say stuff like, “go back to your country”, in this day and age?

Sounds like them folksies need a litto bit ‘o fire.  What kinda fire?  This kinda fire:  “Fire” by the Bangtan Boys.



This “Blood, Sweat & Tears” song was the one that was shown on the nominees screen at the Billboard awards.  Choreo-practice clip below.



One of their ballad songs called “Spring Day” (lyrics in English on screen).



Their fans sing along to “Spring Day” before their concert in Brazil was to begin.



Their dance practice for their “Blood, Sweat & Tears” song.  Some level 10 aerobics goin’ on here, fo reals, yo.


More on the Bangtan Boys in the summer k-year review post.





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